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Truly Romantic - Paris day 2

Sunday, August 7, 2011 - 0 Comments

Having understood the geography of the city and the efficiency of the metro service, i knew that the second day was not going to be adventurous. With a good night sleep, we woke up fresh and rejuvenated. Louvre museum was the first in the itinerary. We were already told that the museum is big enough to spend even 3 days and so we did not plan much on the second day.

On the way to the museum, we had our typical french breakfast with a long loaf of bread with some stuffing and a bottle of juice to quench the thirst. For a person who is very choosy about the food, this kind of breakfast definitely does not give any pleasure. G did not have any problems though.

 Below is our plan for day 2.

The nearest metro to the museum is Louvre Rivoli and we had no troubles reaching there. Again, a long queue but this time it was the test of patience.
We did not waste our time and clicked few snaps while waiting in the queue.When we entered the palace after a long wait in the queue, felt good as it was air conditioned. Moral of the story: Buy tickets online, sometimes cheaper too.
The museum was divided into 3 major divisions ranging from french paintings to Egyptian antiques. For someone who is interested in the history, this is a dream come true as you get to know a lot. The biggest attraction is the Mona Lisa painting and in my opinion, there are many other paintings with lots of intricacies. Its just over hyped marketing of those days. If you really want to read every description, plan for 2 days at the least.
The best part is that the museum has quite a few restaurants ranging from Mexican to pizzeria. And obviously the lunch was at the museum and we liked the concept and the spread.

The journey inside the museum continues even after lunch and it took us 6 hours in total. It was around 4:30 PM and we did not have any plans for the evening. We sat for a while at one entrance of the museum to decide the next destination.

It was the Basilica. The Abbesses metro station invited us with a light shower and it was soothing indeed. We did not look for shelter as it was fun. The best part was that we had to take a winch which runs at an angle. Although a short travel, it was quite an experience.
The very sight of the church itself was picturesque.

After a little bit of shopping, it was time for dinner and with vague remembrance of someone talking about Tamil hotels in a SriLankan dominated area, we decided to give it a try.
We got down at Porte De La Chapalle instead of La Chapalle and had to make efforts to find the place. Suddenly we saw people talking in Tamil and that gave us an indication. We were happy to see so many hotels which serve Indian food. With few discussions, we settled for Krishna Bhavan. The day ended with sumptuous dinner :-) Thanks to Srilankan settlements.

Catch you with more excitements of day 3!!


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