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Toshiba Satellite Laptop - Keyboard issues.

Friday, March 2, 2012 - 7 Comments

The Specification:
Toshiba satellite C660 laptop, Windows 7-64 bit OS, purchased in 2011 at Netherlands.

Few keys wouldn't get typed when you are typing really quick. You have to press every key with some effort. It definitely is frustrating after you get used to feather touch keyboards and do lots of typing.

A lot of googling to find a solution to this problem did not give a definite answer anywhere. and this post is a result of that :) I finally found a working solution in one forum but unfortunately am not able to locate the link again! All I did was a simple BIOS update and voila, it worked like charm :)

How to do BIOS update:
Just search for 'Toshiba product support' in your start menu and it takes you to the product support website, in my case, Select the appropriate country and you are asked to enter your laptop specification. There is a convenient Auto-detect option too. Once you enter/Auto detect your laptop model, there is a Download Drivers section where you can look for BIOS Update and download it and install. 

This worked for me like a charm and I hope it helps with your problem too!


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