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Online Shopping in India

Friday, August 12, 2011 - 0 Comments

Online shopping in India is getting popular slowly and steadily. Its clearly evident from the stream of websites offering online products. Till now, i have restricted my online shopping to personalized gifts, mostly. Clothes, home needs, electronics are bought only after visiting a handful of shops and 'feeling' the product. This is the preferred way for most Indians, I feel, mainly because we don't have much online shops competing with lowest price guarantee and an established market as is the case abroad.

We always have our doubts about the genuineness of the website, quality of the product and the effort involved if it were to go wrong. Be it online or not, in general my experiences, when something goes wrong, were almost always nerve-wracking, even with the big brands. I should say, my blood pressure instantly shoots up when am in situation to call a customer care. Somehow, am not a big fan of this 'customer care' way of solving issues - guess that would deserve a separate post.

Anyways, things do not go wrong all the time. Am compiling below, in no particular order, few websites I have personally used one or more times and all was well. As I already mentioned, most of them are for buying gifts. It was easier, provided more choice, customized and less time consuming this way.

Bought a book for a friend here, I remember i couldn't find that title available anywhere else at that point of time.
Got a couple of customized gifts here. I like the innovative and wide range of things they offer.

This is a great concept :-), got one personalized book here for my niece and it came out quite well except for one small print mistake.
Got a few from here and it stood up to the expectations. They mainly  deal with printing photos.

Apart from these, i always look for things in few websites, though i haven't personally bought anything yet.

Does Landmark need an intro?
This is mainly for Tamil books and CDs. Looks like they opened a store too in Chennai!!!

 Awwww!!! Does the design of the site remind you of a giant? ;-)

This is the only online craft store in India I have managed to find. Looking at the variety and options abroad, we definitely deserve more stores in India. Is anyone listening?! I hope to get few stuff from here soon.

I hope to add to this list in the future. Waiting to hear your experiences too.


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